Monday, November 23, 2015

The Start Of Something Good

So I decided once and for all to start a ride streak. A ride streak is where you intend to ride your bike every single day. I have set the following rules for my streak:

I intend to do the majority of the riding on a real bike with 2 wheels on an actual road or trail.

I will allow that if for some reason beyond my control (business travel/extreme illness) that I can substitute a real ride for one on a trainer or exercise bike. But this will be the exception - not the rule. I hate trainers and exercise bikes so this rule should be easy to enforce.

My rides must be at least 1 mile each day. Most weekend days this will be easy as I tend to go for longer rides then, but I know workdays will be the challenge. I know though that once I get on my bike I will most likely ride at least a mile.

If I have to use the trainer or exercise bike I must go at least 2 miles to have those rides count.

The streak started on November 21st of 2015.

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