Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First thoughts about the Mongoose Dolomite

I recently acquired a Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike.

This is a cheap way to try out Fat Biking as they are very affordable.  I have found very quickly that in the biking world affordable means HEAVY! This bike weighs in at 50 pounds.

I haven't done much to upgrade it yet.  The previous owner converted the grip shifter to a trigger shifter which was a nice upgrade.  I added a few bags I had laying around, changed out the handlebars to something that helps bring them up higher, added a headlamp and brake lamp, added a bell and of course added a QuadLock mount for my cell phone.  Oh and I changed out the pedals to something bigger for my size 13 feet.  The original seat post is too short and so I opted to get a shim so I could use my nice saddle and Thomson seat post from my Cannondale.  

Up to last night I had not ridden more than a few miles.  I decided to try it out on a 6 mile trip yesterday and I think it did pretty good.  I'll try not to compare it too much to my Cannondale (as that would not be fair).  This bike is super fun to ride!  You definitely get noticed as in my neighborhood I don't think I've ever seen another Fat Bike.  One thing to get used to (until I upgrade it) is that it only has 7 speeds.  This really gives you very little range for steep hills as I found out as I tried to traverse the big hill on the Indian Creek Trail that goes up behind Shawnee Mission South High School.  I struggle up this hill on my Cannondale and knew this would be a tough climb.  I made it up about 80% of the way before I had to hop off and push to the summit.


The downhill side was fun though!  I did notice that the rear brakes need serious attention before I do anything that needs fast stopping power is attempted again.  I also noticed that the seat post kept dropping on me.  I tried to tighten it at the halfway point, but it still needs attention before another ride.  Lastly somehow the chain jumped off the front chain ring mid ride.  It was weird as there are chain stays on both sides of the front chain ring so it only jumped just slightly to the right so I was free wheeling.  I was worried something bigger happened on the rear cassette so was glad it was nothing serious and I could ride vs. walking home once I reset the chain.

First Impressions:

  • This thing is heavy!  I felt like I was dragging a cinder block behind me.  I need to put it on a diet and see if I can lighten it up.  It did come with a set of Rolling Darryl Surly Rims so maybe soon I could get those set up tubeless and see if that helps at all on the weight. 
  • It is fun to ride and I can't wait to try it off road in some dirt or sand.  Or snow would be fun too!  
  • I think a different crank with multiple chain rings is in it's future.  I need more gear options for the hilly trails I tend to ride.  
  • I gotta work out the brakes and the seat post slippage.  
In time though I think this will be a fun ride to have in my stable.  

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