Monday, November 23, 2015

So why do I call this blog the Fat Biking Biker?

Well there would be several reasons for this name.  First off I am a big guy.  I currently weigh over 300 pounds (just barely).  I fell in love with cycling as a means to exercise and lose weight, and have done both over the past year.  Being a big guy means I've had to do some upgrades to my bike so it can handle my bulkiness, but it has been worth it.  

My main ride is a Cannondale Trail 7 29er and it feels like a HUGE bike!  

Secondly I recently acquired a Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike that I plan to modify and just ride the heck out of this winter.  A dream of mine would be to use one or the other of my bikes to bikepack the Katy Trail from one end to the other.  

So I am the Fat Biking Biker no matter what wheels are underneath me!

If for some reason I lose enough weight to no longer be "fat" I will leave this blog's name alone cuz I will always have a fat heart!

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